Day 922 – Saturday

I helped Chris move some furniture.  The chairs and mattress she ordered a couple weeks ago are arriving tomorrow.  The bed that was in my office got moved downstairs and the massage table came back to my office.  I also … Read More

Day 921 – Friday

I had a call with the guy who video interviewed me some weeks ago.  He has a new project he’s working on that we chatted about.  What he really needs is a way to get people to come see his … Read More

Day 920 – Thursday

I finished the main web landing page selling Trish’s workshop enough that we could meet about it and discuss.  We went through it and I was about to make changes as we discussed them.  She liked it and now I … Read More

Day 919 – Wednesday

Today was a low energy day.  I probably didn’t sleep as well as I would have liked after the excitement of last night.  I had some business meetings and then went to bed pretty early.

Day 918 – Tuesday

I took another nice morning walk around the pond and the neighborhood. Most of my work was starting web page building for Trish’s coaching workshop.  The goal is to have it ready to take orders at the beginning of next … Read More

Day 917 – Monday

I had a nice morning walk and today’s lake photo finally shows definite change from last Monday.  There has been more visible variation that my phone camera I don’t think has been color sensitive enough to show given the different … Read More

Day 916 – Sunday

The replacement chorizo from El Burrito Mercado isn’t as good as their former house-made product.    This is probably the 2nd best chorizo I’ve had and like what the Mexican restaurant in Farmington uses.  But it isn’t as good so … Read More

Day 915 – Saturday

Today was cloudy and cool for the most part. I didn’t go walking.  Chris and I got up and ran some errands. We had a craving for more chorizo sausage and had placed a grocery pickup order at El Burrito … Read More

Day 914 – Friday

Had a nice walk in the morning.  No rain, it was sunny.  I don’t think I’ve seen much color change at the lake I walk past.  What I have seen is a couple of trees outside Chris’ back window change … Read More

Day 913 – Thursday

This morning it was lightly raining so I went for a walk in the rain with an umbrella.  It was nice and I still got to stop by the lake and take another picture.  I don’t think the picture shows … Read More