Day 915 – Saturday

Today was cloudy and cool for the most part.

I didn’t go walking.  Chris and I got up and ran some errands.

We had a craving for more chorizo sausage and had placed a grocery pickup order at El Burrito Mercado in St Paul.  When we got there, they apologized they had to substitute a commercial sausage vs their house made version.  The man who brought out the order said they had stopped making their house version for which he was also very sad.  This was the best chorizo we had ever tasted.  I know the version the Mexican restaurant in Farmington uses tastes very similar.  If their flavors don’t change, I’ll presume it’s available in similar flavor from somewhere else.  Or I need to research making sausage filling harder.

Then grocery shopping and a stop at Home Depot.

I made the soba noodle, eggplant, mango salad for dinner which is really good.  I’m considering it my dessert salad.  I won’t make it often but it’s really delicious.