Day 932 – The End

As some of you may now, this blog has been written with a built in two week time lag.  That was the only way I figured I could make a daily written and published journal like this work. So, I’ll … Read More

Day 931 – Monday

I was pleased to see how many states in the US celebrate Indigenous People’s day vs Columbus day. I also chose this day to stop looking at the news or social media.  I had found some pretty entertaining Twitter accounts … Read More

Day 930 – Sunday

Today I needed to get the sales web page done for the paid workshop I’m doing in a few weeks.  One of my clients is having a meeting with a bunch of people today and he can promote it to … Read More

Day 929 – Saturday

Chris and I drove up to visit Chris’ parents.  Her mom made beef stroganoff which was good and we helped with some cleaning in the basement.  Chris dusted and vacuumed and I got cobwebs out of corners and out of … Read More

Day 928 – Friday

My colleague and I got an email response from our marketing client yesterday.  She says she has started working with a different marketing expert, is frustrated that we spent the entire meeting doing a sales pitch, and thinks we really … Read More

Day 927 – Thursday

One of my marketing coaching clients needs, I feel, more intensive help to make progress.  This is a client where I’m working with another expert to help her and we presented our new offer to her today.  We didn’t get … Read More

Day 926 – Wednesday

Spent most of the day writing up the marketing materials for the group class I want to do.  This took longer than I expected so I still have work to do.  I’d like to have the basics of a website … Read More

Day 925 – Tuesday

I started planning out the paid service / workshop I’m going to build.  This is for the puppeteer I spoke with yesterday and I still think there are others who can use it. We had cobb salad for dinner and … Read More

Day 924 – Monday

I finished up the website work for Trish and we had a good call getting the final technical pieces integrated.  We did a live money test to make sure collecting money from the web page works (that’s always an important … Read More

Day 923 – Sunday

Furniture delivery went well.  The new chairs are comfy and give a nice place to sit in the basement living room.  Now we just need a way to safely entertain but we are ready.  It will be fun to have … Read More