Day 931 – Monday

I was pleased to see how many states in the US celebrate Indigenous People’s day vs Columbus day.

I also chose this day to stop looking at the news or social media.  I had found some pretty entertaining Twitter accounts to follow, I regularly checked the weighted average polling on, there were some amusingly snarky people on Facebook I had not yet unfollowed.  And it was driving me crazy.

Twitter just got shut off.  I always have two browser tabs open to Google News and a website news aggregator I watch ( and replace that browser tab with pictures of kittens.  My phone’s browser has a tab I kept on google news and now it looks upon kittens.  I snoozed EVERYONE (almost) on Facebook.  I’ll go to LinkedIn but that’s work only.  We’ll see how it goes.  I need to relax.  If the world ends, I know people will let me know.

So I had time to spend the rest of the day trying to get payments working on my sales page for my upcoming workshop.  It should have just worked but something basic wasn’t working at all.  Eventually I started the technical, web form, payment parts from scratch and then it worked.  Somewhere there is a flaw in underlying software, something wrong got put in a database, and it broke.  Now it works fine.  I was able to do live money tests and money came through from credit card to me.  That’s always an important test to complete.