Day 932 – The End

As some of you may now, this blog has been written with a built in two week time lag.  That was the only way I figured I could make a daily written and published journal like this work.

So, I’ll share with you that I’m writing this post 10 days in the future from now.  I’ll further share, for the sake of foreshadowing, that nothing bad has happened to me, nor my health, nor anything else around me.  But this episode is the last episode of this daily blog.

This one you are reading right now.

I have been growing increasingly dissatisfied with my plan to write about every day.  Many days I don’t have anything I think is interesting enough to say.  I’m tired of writing about my own daily minutia.

Further, there are some topics I want to cover which don’t really fit the format of this blog.  To satisfy my own interests, I’d like to write much more in depth on technology.  I’d also like a place to store recipes and cooking info.  A more general purpose website, a personal website, will suit that purpose better.

I will continue writing.  Just not here and not on any fixed schedule.  (Keeping up with the thrice weekly schedule of my marketing newsletter is enough of a schedule commitment for me for now.)

For more of my words, please check out  It currently looks very bare bones.  And there aren’t any email notifications for that one, so you’ll need to check in from time to time.  I’m still building it and hooking up some of the more technical pieces.

Again, I’m in good health.  I wake up every day glad to be waking up.  I’m happy for the family and friends I have who support me.  And I’m going to continue writing.

Take care.

Michael Helmke