Cast of Characters

Michael – Your surgery recovering blogger.

Mom – Michael’s mom.  A loving caregiver.

StepDad – Mom’s husband.  A very caring and helpful man.

Father – Michael’s dad.  Bedridden and living life as he can.

StepMon – Dad’s wife.  A creative cook.

DaughterA – Michael has twins.  DaughterA is older than DaughterB by minutes and is a sophomore at an east coast University studying microbiology on a pre-med track.

DaughterB – Younger by minutes than DaughterA and is a college sophomore at a California University, studying economics and political science.

Michael’s Girlfriend – Michael has been in a long distance relationship with his amazing girlfriend who lives in Minnesota.  She was visiting when the story started.  Michael and his Girlfriend intend to have less and less physical distance between them as the story proceeds.