Day 924 – Monday

I finished up the website work for Trish and we had a good call getting the final technical pieces integrated.  We did a live money test to make sure collecting money from the web page works (that’s always an important test).  Everything looks good so Trish can start promoting it.  I have some additional email work to finish but that isn’t as urgent time-wise for now.

I had a call with a puppeteer who was drawn to me based on a class she took given by one of my clients (who is also a puppeteer).  I can definitely help her but am out of her budget.  However if I take my work and run it as a group class, it can likely make sense.  Like for a reasonable price I’ll do some technical work and provide four educational sessions.  With enough people, a lower price can definitely make sense.  So I have a new project to work on.