Day 916 – Sunday

The replacement chorizo from El Burrito Mercado isn’t as good as their former house-made product.    This is probably the 2nd best chorizo I’ve had and like what the Mexican restaurant in Farmington uses.  But it isn’t as good so I’m inclined to research making it myself.  I’m very confident one of the things that make both of these good is using ground roasted peppers vs dried powered peppers.  There is a richness of flavor that could only come from that.  It’s good to have quests.

So after breakfast, Chris and I did errands around the house.  She got a new hose attachment to wash down the siding and we cleaned off several places that needed it.

For dinner we went out with one of Chris’ neighbors.  It was nice visiting and we went to the Mason Jar restaurant down the street which has good salads.  Unfortunately, Chris was tempted this time by their hot food and it reminded both of us how every time I’ve ordered hot food there, it isn’t anywhere near as good as we hope it’s going to be.  But their menu keeps being tempting.  Where the best bet is to always order the strawberry salad.  To their credit they have very good protocols for covid safe dining.  But they can’t cook well.  Good salads, though.