Michael Day 3

Day 3 – Movements

From my past hospital experience and from the regular questions of the nursing staff, I knew the thing that could ultimately hold up my hospital release was whether I had a bowel movement yet.  On one hand it seems petty … Read More

Michael: Day 0

Day 0 – Major Surgery

Eventually I made it through the night.  My Girlfriend had agreed to arrive back at the hospital around 5:30am since showtime could be as early as 6:15 and her presence was a great comfort.  As promised, I was given a … Read More

Day -1: Cardiac Catheterization

Today was the day.  Bright and early we headed over to the hospital where the cardiac catheterization procedure would be performed.  I had an 8:30am Monday appointment and with possible traffic we all left early:  my Mom, Step Dad, Girlfriend, … Read More

Growing Anxiety – 2018

While I generally felt ok traveling to Norway and visiting in Minnesota after, I was careful not to do too much physical activity and even then, I didn’t always feel great.  I had a nagging feeling that there really was … Read More

Getting Started

Welcome to my blog.  Hopefully this post will help you understand what it is all about. I’m a 49 year old business consultant, web developer, and tech guru who ate in a reasonably healthy way, is overweight, and fairly sedentary … Read More