Getting Started

Welcome to my blog.  Hopefully this post will help you understand what it is all about.

I’m a 49 year old business consultant, web developer, and tech guru who ate in a reasonably healthy way, is overweight, and fairly sedentary and ended up having open heart bypass surgery.  When I considered what tech related thing to do during my convalescence, I decided to keep a journal of my recovery for at least the next year.  Initial posts will detail my hospital stay and then go into home recovery and the life changes I’m making to be sure I come out of this better than ever before.  I have a lot of life left that I want to lead.

I know among my family and friends there are more details about what I’m going through than I am comfortable posting on social media.  In fact, partly due to my age and introverted nature, digital social media makes little sense to me.  Probably more commentary on that as we go along.  However if I had had more time to ponder some of the medical decisions, finding a blog like this might have been helpful for me to read.  In the hope that my experiences may be helpful to others, I also felt inspired to write.

After some initial background articles like this one, the posts are numbered by day.  Day 0 is the day of my surgery.

I cannot provide medical advice so I will not go into some details of what I experienced.  Feel free to ask questions in comments or send me direct messages if you are curious about things I’m obviously glossing over and I may be able to provide answers or pointers to other resources.

Final note, I and others I know tend to be privacy conscious.  Thus except for my name, I’m not using other names.  There is a cast of characters page which provides some additional background.  If you think decision is odd or unnecessary, please let me know.