Growing Anxiety – 2018

While I generally felt ok traveling to Norway and visiting in Minnesota after, I was careful not to do too much physical activity and even then, I didn’t always feel great.  I had a nagging feeling that there really was something that needed to be addressed and it was time to get answers once and for all.  My Girlfriend had planned to visit me in Sacramento for a week and we decided to plan the cardiac catheterization appoint for Monday of that week so she could be there during my recovery.

As procedures go, it isn’t super invasive despite having this long this plastic tube threaded up inside an artery in my wrist (hopefully) or groin (less hopefully) and somehow getting to my heart.  (I mean, how do they steer?  What if they go left rather than right?)

I met with a different cardiologist than I had before who I felt explained things more clearly and gave me some more confidence in both the test and a better understanding of the test results I had previously convinced myself were ambiguous.  They weren’t, really.  I just didn’t want to know.  Note to self, don’t avoid hard medical truths.

Then, there was just the wait for the appointment.