Day 136 – Friday

In the morning I prepped for a call with a potential client. The call went very well and we agreed to work together. He won’t have a chance to get the details to me before September and that is when we will likely start. I’ll be setting up two different websites for them and handling all of the behind the scenes work. They look like exciting opportunities with people who are well connected in their respective fields. I see opportunities for later referrals if all goes well.

Game night was cancelled due to illness of a couple of the members.

I made this “Asian” stir-fry that people on social media call “egg roll in a bowl”. It is basically ground beef, cabbage and carrots, ginger, and soy sauce. It remains intriguing but I want to play with it a lot more. I used Napa Cabbage and self shredded carrots vs the “traditional” “bag of coleslaw mix” that is shown on FB. Most of its appeal I feel is the ginger and other fresh tasting flavors. My instinct is to take it towards Vietnamese or Thai fusion vs “Americanized Chinese”. I don’t like the term “egg roll in a bowl”. It feels like cultural appropriate even though I’m not normally concerned about that. I think what bugs me is it points to misunderstandings about Asian food generally which I wish people understood more.

The TV show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is very funny. We’ve been watching it. It is also a semi-serious exploration of metal illness. Plus there is singing. It has everything.

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