Day 135 – Not Lasagna

I slept pretty poorly last night, woke up at 2 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Slept a little more after 5am and got up to take a walk around 6:30am. The walk felt good though I know I’ll be pretty tired today.

I went through a marketing exercise to identify my current ideal non-profit customer right now and turned that into text for an ad to post on Craigslist soon. I think it came out well and is more like a mini-blog post discussing how I help my ideal customer and what they should do next to contact me. My girlfriend Chris and I are going to discuss it more tomorrow and I should be able to post it tomorrow.

I also did some client work as well as on a little website I’m customizing for myself as an example site. I need several example/demo websites both as examples of things I can do and as backgrounds for training materials. The article I’m in the middle of doing about setting up contact forms on your website needs a video to demonstrate how to do the technical work. I want a real looking website to use for that so the videos look better.

My first demo website is fashion oriented so I found some stock photos of products to use and learned some of the frustration of setting up store products in WordPress which is also good for me to understand. I’ll post a link to the site in a couple of days when it is more ready.

I made lasagna-less lasagna for dinner and went to bed at around 6:30pm. Got up at 10pm to have dinner and then went back to sleep. Lasagna-less lasagna was really good. I accidentally put more chili flakes in the red sauce than I normally do and it tasted better. I have not been putting in enough chili flakes. And lasagna-less lasagna still needs a better name. Ground beef, red sauce, ricotta, parmesan. What should I call it?