Day 134 – Wednesday

Most of my day was pretty focused on working. I’m wrapping up one website project and getting it ready for launch. Clients made a punch list of the last stuff to do after I said it looks about ready and that is fine. I had a good call with one of them (multiple people on their team) and should be able to finish off their list tomorrow.

There are several other things in the works and I didn’t get a chance to do my Craigslist advertising exercise but I’ll go through that first thing tomorrow.

I had a fairly difficult call in the evening with someone very close to me. Long term I have faith it will be ok but in the short term it feels cruddy. I’m being bullied by proxy and even if it feels cruddy, I have to stand by what I believe in. And that is what I will do.

On one positive note, it made me feel like I wanted to take a long walk and I’m glad exercise of any sort is becoming something I instinctively go to when I’m feeling stress. I’ve never had that association before and I presume it is healthy 🙂