qJumpStart My Heart | Day 137 - Corn Feed

Day 137 – Corn Feed

I started out with a trip to the farmers market and some other grocery shopping to get ready for the corn feed.

My daughter Catherine is arriving to visit for a couple of days on her way back to Sacramento from Washington DC and the Sons of Norway corn feed is this evening.

I made the cucumber/ginger salad for the corn feed and wrote up notes for a brief presentation at the Sons of Norway board meeting.

My girlfriend Chris and I have been talking about setting up a website so they can sell their Norway/Minnesota (Norsota) t-shirts online and accept credit card payments and such. The board had some initial worries about how to do such a thing securely and there had been discussion on and off for months but since I’m finally in town for a meeting I can show up and answer questions. So I wrote up notes and thought about questions and how to answer them.

I dropped off Chris at the church for setup and went to the airport to pick up Catherine. I hadn’t seen her in a few months so it was great to be able to catch up and hear stories about her East Coast adventures. We went back to the corn feed and finished setting up.

My presentation to the board went well and they all agreed we can move forward on the path I’m most comfortable with. They trust me to set it up safely and correctly.

The corn feed was fun as well as introducing people to Catherine. Many people there know me from me attending their meetings over the years. It is a nice gathering. But there wasn’t as much interesting food as we expected so after we dropped things off at Chris’ house, we went out to Punch Pizza for dinner #2. And then in a surprise to Catherine went to the St Paul Izzy’s Ice Cream store. The peach ice cream was delicious. It was a fun evening.