Day 59 – Friday

Sort of a weird day for reasons that aren’t suitable for this blog so the reasons will remain a mystery. Looking over my business website yesterday I realized that, thinking short term, I had all of the ways of contacting me to be for someone to sign up for a free consulting call.

What I read yesterday reminded me of the value of email marketing and why that always appealed to me. Why does email appeal to me? In the world of social marketing there are a lot of people talking about the newest shiny thing like Facebook ads, or creating Facebook groups, or using special software on your website to funnel users in a particular direction or this thing or that thing. Email seems boring compared to most of the stuff kids talk about these days.

However everyone pretty much has email and it doesn’t require anything special to use.  You could argue that kids these days don’t use email much.  However my target market is people 40 years old and up so I’m ok there.

I can write an email to my target market and they read it. Like it’s a letter. And maybe that letter talks about what I’m doing today, maybe tells a story about something I’ve read, and if I’m clever, I can relate that story to something about my business. And occasionally, or every time if I’m great at it, I can ask my email readers to contact me to help with their business.  [Speaking from the future, asking people to buy stuff from you in every email gets annoying in my experience.  So don’t do that…]

If I do it right, the emails are interesting enough that people keep reading. And thinking about all of this I’m reminded that I really ought to be doing some things to try to grow my company mailing list and make that the primary way I communicate with potential customers. That everything else should be about trying to grow that list whether it is my website or my twitter feed or how I use facebook. I’m not trying to teach anything in this post so it probably reads like me droning on about something stream on consciousness style.  [Yup…]

However I’ll try to remind you that is what you get in this blog. I’m not trying to get readers for jumpstartmyheart. This is a vanity project. [And it’s becoming a pretentious one if we aren’t careful]  And for what it is I’m REALLY impressed that going on 59 days I’ve gotten a new article to come out every day.

What I want to figure out next is how to do daily mailings for my business list. I want to be able to be myself and somehow tie it into business every day. There are people I can pay for help with this but I don’t want to go that route yet.  I’m still strongly considering paying someone to do cold calling for me. I know of someone online who seems excellent at it.  It would be worth the money as an experiment. I think I mentioned that before. (And I’m ok with repeating myself at the moment on this blog as well. It would be easy to search backwards to previous articles and check.)

I dunno, is this blog drifting in a direction that is less interesting than the start? Give me some feedback. Email me. Comment. Something. I’m easy to reach. I’ll take silence as apathy and I’ll probably keep doing the same thing however if I get feedback about one direction or another, I can work at being more generally entertaining… As I said, it was sort of a weird day today.

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