Day 58 – Thursday

The jazz concert last night was very good.  The main event was a Duke Ellington / Billy Strayhorn jazz arrangement of the Nutcracker suite.  It worked very well and had elements of the original and worked as jazz.  I was most interested, though, in the 3 small combo groups that played first.  One of which had been named top small jazz ensemble in the country (among student groups) by Downbeat magazine.  It was all very good and I’m glad I went.

Looking back at the entries from a little over a week ago, I was feeling pretty down. So I will admit one personal use that the blog has for me is to help see these patterns.  I have pretty much endless concern at one level or another about getting clients for my business and sometimes that is more on my mind than others.

I finished up some work on a new client’s project that I was working on yesterday. Basically their website had a couple of issues that needed fixing that the previous team couldn’t fix. Now we are looking at customer behavior and will hopefully strategize how to improve customer conversions on the website. And yes, this means I have a new client. It is funny how these things work out.

Physically I’m feeling really well. I find I sometimes forget there is any sternum/muscle discomfort. This has been a gradual improvement but it keeps getting better. I’m still out of shape in many ways however when I exert myself, I feel much better than before surgery. It used to be like I wasn’t going to be able to breathe. Now it is just like my body feels weak which is much better. Weakness can be worked on.

[And speaking from the future, no pictures for a few more days.  I got stuck on inspiration and then go so far behind finishing and scheduling blog posts that it is more urgent that I get the words in the queue than to get pictures.]