Day 57 – Wednesday

I spent time this morning on the phone talking to some students in my Girlfriends advanced coding class.  They were more advanced of the advanced students and had some questions about projects they were working on.  It has been a lot of fun helping that class.  I completed all I am going to write this term for the curriculum yesterday.

More would have gotten done but the two weeks I spent not being able to do much useful while recovering from surgery is the time I would have liked to have had.  I did expand the curriculum after that and amazingly the result didn’t look written by a drunk person.  Over the summer I can revise more of the course.

Then I was preparing some notes for a call I had with a new client. That went well and now I have a new client and did several hours of work on that project.

Something I have found pretty liberating when talking to clients and thinking about potential clients is knowing with confidence that not all clients are right for me. They have to be willing to spend a bit more vs trying to get the cheapest price possible from my competition. They have to be willing to communicate clearly. Because if these things aren’t there, it will be a very difficult client to work with and that isn’t worth my time.

So it has to be the right client and we both have to be getting something of value from each other, and then it is a joy to work.

I’m going to a jazz concert tonight at my daughters’ old high school that I’m looking forward to. They have an excellent band and a very nice new performance facility. More details tomorrow.