Day 46 – Work

I slept really well again.  I went to the farmer’s market to get some squash and beets and then to look for a new belt.  I’m tired of my pants falling down.  The last belt I bought was the wrong size for the long term. Now I have a belt I can shrink into.  I’ll hold off on getting new pants till Fall at least. Yes, this is a good problem to have.

Other than that I was mostly working through a tutorial series on “Blogging for Business” which mostly has been teaching how to find popular search phrases that people put into so you can write articles targeting them. For example, people search a LOT more for “wordpress setup” or “how to start a blog” than they search for “building the best backup solution” so when thinking of what articles to write for a business blog, do a bit of research first to see if people are looking for the thing you are going to write about. Otherwise it won’t get found.

I don’t worry about traffic to this blog. But being “found” is an important part of getting customers for my business.

Linksys WRT54GL
Linksys WRT54GL in all it’s glory.

I also got the second blue box Linksys router setup today. I’ve migrated to the far end of the house and the wifi coverage is weaker out there. With one blue box talking to the other though, I get a better signal since the blue boxes have big antennas that carry the wifi signal better. One repeats the signal of the other.  So I connect to the closer one and then I get 3x faster wifi.

I brainstormed a FB post I want to do Monday to promote my business. As technically adept as I am, it is very hard for me to promote myself. I almost immediately feel “imposter syndrome” coming on.  That is, where you know there are much more talented people than you doing the same thing so you really don’t have much to offer. This is not an uncommon problem, I gather.

Those with more of a naturally salsey personality don’t have as much problem promoting themselves. On the other hand, they can’t tame technological daemons like I can. I’ll get it done and it will be great, I’m just griping here.

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  1. I think most normal people experience “imposter syndrome”. Recognize it for what it is and move on knowing you are one of the best! Enjoy the weight loss now and go splurge on one pair of pants.

    • all good advice. I’m waiting on new pants till around October. the new belt is doing it’s job

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