Day 47 – Happy Mother’s Day

FlowersIt’s Mother’s Day.  You say, that was 2 weeks ago.  Yes, but for me, today is Mother’s Day.

We are delaying dinner plans till tomorrow (Monday) since today is DaughterB’s moving day.   She is moving out of her Berkeley apartment and into another appointment.  However, in between she will be on the East Coast over the summer.  So we 3 drove to meet her in 2 cars and took her larger items over to the new place and put everything else in the two cars and drove home.

Huge kudos to DaughterB for fighting post finals exhaustion and pretty efficiently boxing EVERYTHING up so it was easier to move out.  I mostly stood around and watched since I can’t really lift anything per doctors orders.  (And thus I can’t really judge how easy or not the move went).  I was able the bags of stuffed animals.

I also  drove back due to my Mom getting affected by the sun/heat.  She is doing fine and I drove back ok.  Getting back into driving longer distances takes some time normally since I’m missing a vein in my right leg but it seems to be recovering nicely and there wasn’t any additional swelling when we got back. My mom is doing fine though tired.

Other than that I did more reading and thinking about marketing messaging for my company. And there was the latest episode of WestWorld which I enjoyed. The new season is growing on me more, I wasn’t sure about it at first.