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Day 18 – Eating Out

I couldn’t sleep well past around 4:30 so I’ll be tired today.

My Girlfriend brought me chorizo sausage from the wonderful market in St Paul so we had some for breakfast which was delicious.  I have missed that.  It really is amazing.   Then we went to the farmers market to hopefully get asparagus but no one locally is growing any.  Then a quick stop at Winco, then my apartment to get mail then back to my Moms.  I was feeling pretty tired, ate more food and felt better.  I was mostly quiet today from being tired and not super comfortable physically. My Girlfriend and I watched a really interesting movie “Molly’s Game” and some more episodes of The Good Place. I highly recommend both. We chatted and had a nice time visiting.

Michael at Zinfandel Grille
Look at me, out of the house, eating food

For dinner my Mom and StepDad took us out to the Zinfandel Grill where we had a nice dinner.  Good restaurant but I would have skipped dessert and not helped my StepDad finish his pasta dish in future. Pasta dish was delicious but didn’t sit well with me past tasting good.  Overall a pretty good day.

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  1. Hey Michael! I am enjoying your blog and am so very happy you are doing so well! The Good Place is a great show, although I am behind this season. I am also somehwat glad to know why I couldn’t get into Westworld, I kept getting lost! As I am usually doing other things while watching TV, thank you ADD, I get lost If shows jump around too much. If you need any Netflix or Amazon show recommendations hit me up! I have plenty!

    Take care and keep getting better, see you soon!

    • Hey Amy, thanks for the kind words. On my 3rd watching of Westworld I paid much closer attention and found a bunch of stuff I missed the first couple of times. It does jump around and the 2nd season does likely as much as well. I hadn’t realized the Good Place was back (I catch everything time delayed). I’ll figure out a way to watch it 🙂 We thought it was a very good show.

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