Day 898 – Wednesday

I had a call with a new potential client today.  It feels like a good fit and we have a follow up call Friday to talk business and if my proposed plan makes sense (it will) and the money I want fits her budget (it should).  This was a referral from another client and I’m starting to get more of those which is good.

I also spent a couple hours on a purely technical task.  I have several tools I’ve written for working with LinkedIn.  All of them I run by hand and one of them I want to run automatically and on a schedule.  That isn’t a super complex task, except it is because running unattended, it needs to do some things perfectly every time vs me being able to intervene if something goes wrong.  So 3 hours or so were spent writing about 20 lines of code that have to be right.  I still need to test it but the design is correct and that was all the time I could afford for now.  It’s why I’m careful with my purely technical software time.  That time gets eaten up quickly.