Day 899 – Thursday

A former client of mine is having some personal and business problems.  We had partnered to collaborate on a couple of projects and while we’ll be able to continue on those, I don’t see working further with her on new work.  This is a little unsettling.  Not because I’m really losing anything, it’s just a relationship change and I’m realizing she’s pretty bitter about a lot of things in her world so it’s a good change.  I know lots of other good people and have several other collaborative opportunities that seem quite promising.  As well as new clients.  So everything is good.  Just temporarily unsettling.

Had an interesting conversation with a guy who is effectively a marketing copywriter except he has branded himself as a communications expert.  He does appear to be one, and that could be a description for a copywriter, but I think he’s found a way to make a lot of money by being something even more unique.  I’m impressed.  Hopefully we can keep talking.  This is my continuing strategy of meeting interesting and successful people.