qJumpStart My Heart | Day 891 - Wednesday

Day 891 – Wednesday

I had a call with my client / partner about how I can improve my LinkedIn posts.  Interestingly, the conversation led to us concluding my brand “The Digital Concierge” should change.

The idea behind the brand had always been that I take care of all the digital stuff so you, the client, can get everything else done.  Consistently people liked the phrasing “The Digital Concierge” and consistently didn’t get excited about me taking care of all “the digital stuff”.  I had been feeling that over time and had not yet gotten to the point of doing anything about it.  Basically people don’t even want to talk about digital stuff initially because it’s so hard to understand.

Our discussion helped me see the real story which is how I help people make sense of their next steps in business or marketing.  Looking at the entirety of what they are doing, looking at what products and services and concepts they work with, and help point to the simplest next step they should take.  That ends up being the magic of what I do.

So I need a different name or at least not to be weighed down by “The Digital Concierge”.

Note that I also have an issue with the domain name I have registered:  TheDigitalConcierge.net.  I don’t own the .com version.  That is owned by a concierge company and this has always been a minor point of confusion.  I’ll likely go with the company name of “Michael Helmke” for now (or probably Michael Helmke Consulting legally) as I do own MichaelHelmke.com.