Day 889 – Monday

I normally have a weekly “company meeting” to plan for my next week and I didn’t take the time to do that before today.  Normally it would be Friday or sometime slip through the weekend.  To me, as long as it’s before I start other work, it’s fine so it was this morning.

I’ve also gotten more comfortable with the meetings so they go faster.  I planned out my week and this week I decided to under-schedule a bit.  I think I over-scheduled in past weeks.

As it turned out that was good since I had 4 hours of additional meetings added to my schedule today.  I’ll probably lock down the rest of my schedule to prevent additional meetings to be added later this week.

Not much else today.  Cobb salad for dinner.  Chris’s school is starting up but she didn’t have anyone in the classroom today.  First week always runs a different sort of schedule and this first week is especially unusual.