Day 888 – Sunday

Chris and I considered going back to Caponi Park today (there are more paths to explore) but got tied up by some other errands instead.

Later in the day, though, Chris and I took a drive up to St Paul.  We wanted to go to the Mexican market to get more chorizo and I also saw on the State Fair Fair Food Facebook group that there was a parking lot up there with a bunch of food trucks including more cheese curds.

We got to the Mexican market and saw there was a short line by the door.  They appropriately limit the number of people in the store and it was a pretty conservative number.  Everyone was wearing masks.  And it’s a population that know’s it vulnerable so I’m confident they are all being safe.

But like I felt when we tried going to Trader Joe’s back in April, I think, I didn’t want to get out and stand in a line even if it’s socially distant.  I’m not comfortable waiting in public in one place.  Even if it’s outside and socially distant.  We’ll go back when it opens some time.  I was happy to see them all wearing masks.

Then we drove to the place with the fair food trucks.  It looked interesting.  And there were people and lots of cars.  But not interesting enough to get out and wander in.  So we drove back.  It was a nice drive and got me out of the house more.

But this is our world.  Getting excited about short excursions and paying attention to instincts regarding our level of comfort.

It was genuinely nice to get out