Day 875 – Monday

I did part 1 of a 3 part “webinar” today with “Magic Brad” who interviewed me a couple weeks ago.

He suggested and I agreed to do a 3 part video discussion on helping people find opportunities in the world of corporate events. Such as being a speaker and getting hired to speak at big budget company events and so forth.

Brad has experience with this from pre-covid days and makes the compelling argument that companies are still doing events, they are just mostly doing them online right now. So there are still opportunities if you can get in good with the right company event planners.

This first talk was about how to stand out online and how to get in front of the planners. I think we had about 20 people watching and an email list of people to email about the video after the fact and to promote the next two videos.

The goal is to get people to want people to talk to me. And to get more experience doing this sort of thing. It was fun and I think went well.