Day 876 – Tuesday

I had a networking call with someone well connected in the Twin Cities. We had a good talk about business and life and stuff. He is very experienced and successful in his world and still I was able to give him some solid advice about updating his LinkedIn profile for which he is grateful. For his part, he has some folks to introduce me to so I expand my network. Win / win.

I’ve switched to stronger reading glasses and they are working really well. I was getting eye strain I was finding especially after having several video meetings in a day. Also some bouts of dizziness. Both seem to have stopped since getting stronger glasses. Funny how that works. Chris is good naturedly annoyed that I took so long to get better glasses.

Dinner was the final 5lbs slab of brisket I had in the downstairs freezer. I gave it a nice spice rub and cooked it slow in the oven. It came out wonderfully.