Day 874 – Sunday

Chris and I went out for a late lunch at a restaurant one of my clients had recommended.

Much of the recommendation was based on the quality of their patio.

Summer patio dining is a big deal in the Twin Cities. Growing up in California I of course take for granted being able to go outside and so forth. Patio season is around May to early September and people relish in it.

So off we went to “It’s Greek to Me” which serves Greek food and does in-door dining but we had reserved a patio table. It was very nice. There is a big central fountain / sculpture and nice greenery around the edges of the patio and it’s shaded.

I observed them following good practices in how they sanitized tables and chairs between customers. Everyone wore masks and we had to until we were seated at our table. No one sitting near us. It was very comfortable.

The food was delightful. We had a traditional watermelon and feta salad. We had the flaming cheese appetizer (they deliver a melted block of cheese that the light on fire for a bit. You spread it onto pita. It was delicious. Chris has beef gyro and I ordered a beef + eggplant dish which is structurally similar to lasagna but with no noodles. Both again were delicious. They had a decidedly non-Greek chocolate fudge cake on the menu for desert which we passed on. We’ll go back, it was fun.