Day 872 – Saturday

I spent several hours building this marble toy. It comes in a kit of laser cut wood pieces and some metal posts and plastic end pieces and surprisingly good instructions.

It probably took 3 hours from start to finish and I was pleased to have not lost any pieces during the making of it. There were two mishaps where a couple of apparently unneeded pieces broke off. And it’s a little sensitive to getting set up and the crank should be turned carefully. But it generally works and is fun to watch.

I got two variations on the kit for my daughters as a gift and I may buy another of those because having built one, it’s tempting to have more.

It was relaxing to do and I didn’t end up doing any work related stuff today which was nice.

Chris and I went out to do some grocery shopping and stopped at the dollar store so I could get some stronger reading glasses. I’m pleased with what I can see now. I was finding I was getting some eye strain and I’m curious if that now clears out.

The weather is nice. 80s I think with little to no humidity. I had a talk with my daughters today and they reported 108F for days on end. Nice not to have weather like that.