Day 871 – Friday

I spent time getting ready for my talk on Monday and planning out how I’ll promote it after the fact. Since it’s being recorded, even if the people who have signed up don’t show up, I can email them information about how to watch it after the fact and what they missed. Overall a productive day.

In the evening, Chris and I drove across town on an errand to help our friend Kathy. At the same time a large thunderstorm was coming through the city so driving got pretty exciting at some points. There was strong wind and strong rain and a bit of hail which luckily never got that big. I was able to drive through it fine. However driving is a little bit of a challenge because there are not reflectors on the lanes of the road like I’m used to in California.

Much of the year ground reflectors don’t matter because of snow. Plus snowplows would tend to dislodge them. So you have to look carefully for the white lines and such.

The thunder and lightening was exciting.