Day 845 – Sunday

The weather was a lot cooler today.

Yesterday there was a heat warning. It didn’t feel as bad as a bad day in Florida or Vegas but it was hot and humid. There was also heavy rain and thunderstorms in the evening. This morning it was very pleasant outside and stayed cool through the day.

Chris and I did a couple more errands and mostly didn’t do much else. I read some of the Mary Trump book which is very well written and my second copy of it arrived from Amazon. (The first copy from Barnes & Noble arrived several days earlier.)

I was actually a little confused by being relaxed today. I couldn’t tell if my lack of desire to do anything was relaxing or lack of motivation. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when it’s time to get back to work.

Chris and I sat outside and played cards in the evening. It was a beautiful evening. The weather here is wonderful.