Day 844 – Saturday

I’d been having a craving to get “state fair food” so Chris and I had an outing.

Out first destination was the Caponi Art Park which is a sculpture park literally around the corner from her house. It’s actually about 2 miles away but very close. The park is 60 wooded acres with paths and lawns and sculptures you can walk through. Chris had not been there except once and not on the side of the park with most of the sculptures.

It’s beautiful there and despite being a little humid, was a pleasant walk among the trees. We’ll go back when it’s a little cooler.

Then we drove over to a parking lot I read online had a couple of exiled State Fair food stands. Since there is no MN State Fair this year, many of the food truck vendors are setting up elsewhere since there is high demand for what they do.

This location had corn dogs (not exciting), mini-donuts, and fried cheese curds. The cheese curds were good. The corn dog was freshly battered but generic. And the mini-donuts were fine for traditional donuts. But they didn’t excite us much either. I’ll go back out for cheese curds at least one more time this summer.

We also made a stop at Loon Liquors to pick up a gallon of hand sanitizer and some other supplies and then headed back home.