Day 846 – Monday

As I suspected, I wasn’t very excited about Monday.

I’m still getting into a new routine here in MN. And I suppose I feel overwhelmed by all that I think I need to get done. The feeling will pass.

I got two marketing emails set up to go out today. One on my old email system and one on the new one I’m trying out. The idea is to ask people to let me know if they only get one email of the two.

After sending, the only anomaly reports I received were a couple people saying they had not seen emails from me for a while and are now getting some. Overall a large amount of people on my current email aren’t ideal and don’t respond to questions. I have a plan to attract better people in future so I’m not too worried.

The weather was really nice today. In the evening is when Chris and I go on a walk around the block. This is in addition to my morning walks and training for her to walk longer. Even though it’s a block, her neighborhood has some serious hills so it isn’t an easy stroll. Then we sit on her front patio chairs and enjoy the evening air and clouds going by and all of the green trees. It’s lovely.