Day 838 – Sunday

Today we finally reached Central time.

Time zones have been a little funny so far.

The first day we ended in Nevada yet the town we were in adopted Mountain time since they were the western outskirt of Wendover, UT just over the border.

Then Ogallala, NE is still Mountain time since only the eastern 2/3 of Nebraska are Central time. However the AT&T cell tower my iPhone was on seemed to think it was Central time. Even though it isn’t officially supposed to be.

Now, driving further, we finally ended up in Central time for real at a very nice camp ground just outside of Omaha.

My mom sprung for a prime spot that has it’s own deck, shaded row of trees, and no adjacent campers. The next group over is probably 60 feet away. The abundance of grass and shade and trees is lovely.

We got the awning extended, played cards on the outside table on the deck, and had a nice relaxing rest of the day.

And then we found there were lots and lots of fireflies in the evening. They twinkled happily away as they flew around looking for love.