Day 839 – Monday

Today is my last day of the journey. Chris was going to be out visiting her parents and possibly not home till late in the afternoon so we didn’t need to rush in the morning.

We had a leisurely breakfast, unhooked the RV and continued onwards.

It was a simple drive on freeways through Omaha. We felt it might be bad form to try and drive past Warren Buffet’s house in an RV so I’ll have to do that some other time.

Then on to Des Moines and then North to Minnesota.

As we were driving into the Twin Cities area, I spotted a food stand selling mini-donuts. There are many orphaned State Fair food vendors selling freelance fair food through out the area. I’m looking forward to fried cheese curds.

After checking in at the local RV park conveniently 8 minutes away from Chris’ house we drove over there. That RV park is very nice. Lots of nice green grass and foliage as that is the normal in Minnesota for this time of your. (Of course, other times the RV park looks a LOT different than now. But we won’t worry about that at this point.)

I got my belongings and bags unloaded from the RV and gave a hug to my mom and step-dad since once I passed the border, they would be distancing from me. Such are the weird times we live in.

They will come back over tomorrow for a visit. For now they were going back to the RV park.

As always, it feels wonderful to come home to Chris and we had a nice dinner and all.