Day 837 – Saturday

Today was a shorter driving day and no wind to worry about so we could leave later.

After a leisurely breakfast we were on the road by around 8am driving through Wyoming some more. And then into Nebraska.

Into Nebraska the landscape started getting more green and less desert.

Today’s destination is Ogallala which was our first camp ground with grass. It was basically an open field with RV hookups embedded in it with a few trees around the perimeter. It was nicer than the windswept gravel of Wyoming, though.

So far all of the camp grounds have been fine for our purposes. Not many frills except power and water. As we are keeping to ourselves that is fine.

And it continues to amaze how large some of the RVs can be. With their multiple sections that slide out to expand the interior sizes. The extra vehicles and trailers that they pull.

On the drive today I got some decent notes done about a marketing update I want to make to my own company. And read some insightful writing and copywriting strategy and advice from old Gary Halbert newsletters.

Halbert is a famous old-school copywriter from the mid 80s. So not ancient but pre-social media. One of his more famous books is a collection of letters he wrote to his son while he was serving time in federal prison for tax fraud. So you probably shouldn’t take his tax advice but he was a highly successful and sought after direct response advertiser.

I presume he was taking freelance jobs while he was locked up but maybe not.