qJumpStart My Heart | Day 836 - Friday

Day 836 – Friday

Today we got up early because of the higher than desirable chance of cross winds as we drive through Wyoming.

We were on the road by around 6am and driving through the Utah salt flats just as the sun was rising. It was quite a site.

I’ve always enjoyed the great salt desert. I still need to look up how it “works” geologically. I know enough to know it floods at times. And otherwise is flat and white and salty.

Then continuing through Salt Lake City and on into Wyoming. The landscape is pretty if you like rocks and desert. I enjoy it in small doses.

I am amazed at the altitude. I guess I didn’t realize that the general landscape would get up above 6,000 feet. I’m used to that in the Sierra Nevada range where you drive up visible mountains. Here, it’s just high elevation.

The winds in Wyoming were coming from the West which was easier for driving. We landed in Rawlings, Wyoming which was windy and warm. We stayed inside the RV. It must be miserably cold here in winter.