qJumpStart My Heart | Day 786 - Thursday

Day 786 – Thursday

In the morning was the Johns Hopkins University online graduation ceremony.

It was very good. All of the participants were remote and I’m sure it was all pre-recorded and edited together. It would have been too risky to do live. But it had all of the elements of a graduation with different members of the university faculty and staff involved. The commencement speaker was even good. He was one of the founders of reddit.com and much more down to earth than Justin who founded Twitch who spoke at UCB’s.

A bit later we picked up food at the Zinfandel grill and went over to the twins and their mom’s house for an outdoor lunch.

It was fun to see the twins in person. I had not seen them since January. They looked relaxed and healthy. Relatively unstressed. I look forward to seeing them more while I’m in California.