Day 785 – Wednesday

Today was my flight from Minnesota to California. But it was late in the day.

I got myself packed. Did some food prep to leave behind. Changed some lightbulbs because I’m tall. And Chris and I played some Gin Rummy which is fun.

The airport was pretty empty feeling. There was no line at baggage drop or security. However there are simply almost no flights but there are people on them.

The flight from Minneapolis to Denver wasn’t very crowded. Denver to Sacramento was more crowded. I wore my mask the whole time and there was an empty seat next to everyone (if they wanted it) the whole time.

Could have been worse, could have been better. I didn’t have any mishaps. I read and played with my iPad. I had placed both my iPhone and iPad in plastic bags which worked for touching the screen through them. I figured it would be easier that way than worrying about cleaning the device after the flight.