qJumpStart My Heart | Day 773 - Friday

Day 773 – Friday

It may snow on Mother’s Day (Sunday). The snow may not stick but it may fall from the sky.

There is also a very minor panic over the fact that it may freeze over night tonight. This is only a thing because people are planting outside now. I realized this is a funny area where my California perspective is useful and makes the locals here seem alarmist.

It might get to 32F tonight. Light frost, I guess? State wide people are covering things they just planted out of caution. But people aren’t used to it getting to just this cold this time of year. “Normal” cold here is for it to get cold way past 32F so growing things isn’t a consideration. “Normal” cold year round in California is well above freezing with occasional drops to freezing.

Anyway, different perspectives.

Talked to a potential new client who needs website work and possible marketing consulting. We’ll talk more next week after he checks out my references.

Speaking of which, I’ve gotten some very good testimonials back from past clients. I have more people to reach out to but so far I’m getting some very complimentary written statements I can use in my marketing and sales as examples of people saying how good I am to work with.