Day 772 – Thursday

Had an interesting morning call with the founder of a UK company that makes and sends personalized notecards. Their novelty is they use AI and Machine Learning to simulate handwriting in the writing parts such that no card is the same with the variations in handwriting and so forth.

He found me from some posts I made in a FB group where apparently I appeared insightful and full of wisdom on one subject. So he wanted to talk. There may be follow ups. I wouldn’t mind consulting them in trade for access to their product.

Then two coaching calls which went well and were valuable to their subjects.

Then the new version of my mastermind group.

This is now a paid group, unless you are a client of mine or have made other arrangements. The previous 2 regular members of the free group didn’t try to make other arrangements so it was new people.

We had 3 in attendance. One was on mute because he could only listen in this time which was fine. And we had a really good conversation with the other two about how to start sales conversations effectively. In fact there may be an opportunity for starting a new side business based on what we talked about.