Day 771 – Wednesday

I had a pretty good day working and stuff. I ate well and regularly.

Then I saw a new report from the Economist that apparently smokers have better health outcomes from getting COVID-19. The article noted that there aren’t really any other cases where smokers have positive health outcomes. And it’s not known why this is. But France, where this was first observed, fearing a run on nicotine banned online sales of cigarettes in their country.

Then another article where there is some Llama named Winter that lives in Belgium whose blood is being studied for possible therapeutic use with covid-19. I didn’t get much past the part about a Llama named Winter. (Again, it was a source I trust so I don’t think this was April 1st.)

My mind pretty much exploded after that.

Really, God, there is now TOO MUCH hilarity in the world. The crazed orange alien who runs our country was enough. I don’t think we can take any more. Certainly we can’t take any more winning. He was right, there would come a point where we would ask for no more winning because there has been too much winning.

Anyway… My first thought was to become a Marlborough man but my girlfriend suggests to cool taste of menthol.