Day 774 – Saturday

Chris and I went to Aldi for groceries we needed. I went into the store. Chris stayed in the car to be on hand sanitizer duty when I was done.

The store wasn’t that crowded and Aldi shoppers are still wearing masks more than in other stores we have very occasionally been in.

Chris and I started playing a round of the board game Civilization. We got about 3 or 4 hours into it and will finish tomorrow. It’s one of my favorites but due to the size it takes some time to play and isn’t something to just casually sit down with.

There’s the expanding over the map and the trading. There was civil war, famine, volcanos, and one or two assaults via piracy.

And I cooked for brunch tomorrow. We are having a ham and asparagus egg bake (what we call crustless quiche in the mid-west) and cinnamon swirled coffee cake.