Day 736 – Wednesday

Had some calls.

Follow up with the personal chef related contact last week. I can’t quite figure out what her real troubles are. I mean clients don’t want chefs to come in the house. And maybe she really can’t find any commercial kitchens for the chefs to use or any restaurants that want to operate this way. But she is also fixated on getting her “pitch deck” done so she can start talking to investors. Even though the business isn’t really doing anything. Apparently there are investors out there who are into that but I’m not interested in that avenue. Moving on…

But the main excitement was The Tiger King.

The Tiger King is a show on Netflix that has gotten a lot of attention. I thought it looked pretty trashy. It’s about the shadowy world of large cat breeding and trading. The fact that there are more tigers in private captivity in the US than in the wild. And that the people involved in this world are quirky at best.

I figured I would have to watch it privately as a guilty pleasure.

Then Chris announced she heard it was interesting and wanted to see it.

So we watched the first episode and it was trashy and well done and entertaining.

Then the second episode which got weirder and more amazing.

And the third which went even further.

We have 4 more episodes to watch.

Highly highly recommended. As I told my incredulous daughter Elizabeth, this is the trashy tv we all need right now.

And it is VERY well edited and produced. The documentary team would have had no idea what they were getting into when they started the project 4 years or so ago.