Day 735 – Tuesday

More calls.

One with an existing client starting her 2nd month of paid consulting calls with me. We talk about marketing. She asks questions. I give sage advice.

One with someone I met at WordCamp, MN who wanted to talk and wants help finding clients for his web site building business. I think I can help him and we scheduled a follow-up call on Thursday for me to make my recommendation / offer.

Something I learned from Jacob by business coach (we are trading services) is the idea of always having a follow up call. First call is investigating. Asking questions. Figuring out what they need the most. Second call is reaffirming that I understand what they need and offering that I will get them to their destination for money. Explaining what the outcome will look like. Not going too deep at all into how I’m going to get there. Simply describing the steps we will take to get there.