qJumpStart My Heart | Day 711 - Saturday

Day 711 – Saturday

Chris and I drove north to visit her parents.

We wanted to bring up the hot wax warmer that Chris had been using some on her hand so her father could try it out He has bad arthritis in one hand and was finally willing to try it out. It seems like it helped him a lot so they will be getting one in the near future. The heat from the wax is very soothing.

I lost all three games of poker so I’m probably about even from last time we were up there.

And one of Chris’ brothers was feeling ill so he stayed home. His symptoms were of an upper respiratory infection. Like influenza. Or the plague.

I started feeling fatigued by around 3pm and Chris drove back.

The weather has been warm all week and is supposed to get above 60F tomorrow. There was a lot of snow still where her parents are but in the Twin Cities, there is now more brown visible than crusty white stuff.