Day 710 – Friday

Early in the morning, around 5am, I was up and saw a small herd of deer out the window.  A couple days ago there were 4 lounging in the grass between Chris’ house and a neighbor.  Today on the other side, there were 7 that were sitting and nosing in the ground trying to find something to eat.  As it got lighter they wandered farther up the hill and around some trees to the next street over.

I always wonder where they hide during the day.  There is a lot of open space here and ponds and lakes so there are opportunities.  The birds are also back.  Spring is coming.

I worked and was more productive today than yesterday. I had a pretty good level of energy all day.

I made curry for dinner and it turned out really well. It had been quite a few weeks since the last time and I had forgotten how good it can be.

Game night was fun and nice to have more energy for it than last week.

Not much else to report. And I’m catching up on past blog posts.