Day 712 – Sunday

Chris and I planned out food for the week and I did grocery shopping and some prep cooking while she did some cleaning in her niece’s car. (Niece and Chris’ daughter are in Hawaii for the week for a family gathering. Car was left here while they were away.) Anyway…

I caught up on writing. And I feel better than yesterday. But still not quite normal. Whatever I got sick with takes a long time to slowly recover from.

In the evening, Chris was craving some ice cream. She had a long day dealing with her niece’s car. So I brought out the small amount of leftover butterscotch sauce I froze from Valentine’s day. And I made an amazing and dangerous discovery…

Butterscotch sauce doesn’t freeze solid. The recipe I made was spoonable direct from the freezer.

And freezer cold butterscotch sauce on a spoon tastes amazing.

Chris and I promised each other to be responsible with this knowledge.