Day 707 – Tuesday

Today I felt significantly better. Cough was a lot better. I had energy through the day. I’m not running around, still basically resting and my work is basically rest. Progress is slow.

I did sleep all night last night without waking up. That is unusual for me.

And talking to my afternoon appointment yesterday, she related symptoms quite similar to the ones I am having. She had a cold that lingered a lot longer than expected and still getting over it. And she is in Sacramento and I’m in MN. Not sure if I’m reading too much into that. I wish the CDC was able to test more widely.

I had my first business coaching call with Jacob. I learned a lot. I’m excited and optimistic. He isn’t covering anything that I don’t already know but he will help me with planning and accountability. I took lots of notes and I have homework. I’ll be coaching him on email tomorrow. I’m optimistic that things are going in a good direction.

Chris needs to be on a liquid diet for a couple days due to a medical thing she needed fixed. Too complex to explain here but I made another batch of cream of broccoli soup that turned out very well. Plus looked up how to make smoothies and need to convince her that adding spinach (for the greens) won’t make the result really gross. I think I’ll be right…